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Ocean Grove Memorial Home:: Funeral Home :: FAQ

Q. What do I do when someone dies?

Call the funeral home at 732-775-0434.  Our phones are answered 24 hours a day, 365 day a year by either a member of our staff, or our answering service.  The funeral director will begin by getting some information from you about the location of the deceased as well as your contact information.  If the death has occurred at home,  the police and/or hospice may have to be called if they have not been already.

Q. What if the death is out of state or even out of the country?

Again, please call the funeral home.  We will make all the necessary arrangements for transportation of the deceased back to New Jersey.

Q. Who is in charge of making the funeral arrangements? Is it the executor of the estate?

Being named executor, in and of itself, does not necessarily confer the right to control a person’s funeral. The individual’s spouse, or certain relatives, according to their “blood” relationship (consanguinity) to the decedent, have the legal right to determine the funeral arrangements, unless the decedent has name a Funeral Agent in their will.  If there is no spouse, a majority of the surviving children, or, if there are no children, then  the parent or parents of the deceased, or, if there are no parents, then a majority of the decedent’s brothers and sisters, or, if there are no siblings, then  the next of kin, according to how closely they are related to the decedent have the right of control.

Q. What is a Funeral Agent?

A funeral agent is the individual named by the deceased in his or her will as the person in charge of making funeral arrangements. The rights of a funeral agent supersede the right of all others, including relatives such as children and parents.  This specific appointment and required verbiage must be in the will. In order to appoint someone as your funeral agent, you will need to visit an attorney. Inform the attorney you want to name a funeral agent in your will according to N.J.S.A. 45:27-22. The attorney will need to either draw up a new will or amend your existing will to include this designation.  The funeral agent and the executor do not need to be the same person, but the funeral agent should never be the funeral director.  

Q. What do we need to bring to the funeral home for the arrangement conference? 

When you come to the funeral home to discuss the type of funeral arrangements you would like, the funeral director will discuss with you not only the funeral arrangements but the obituary and the information for the death certificate.  You may find THIS FORM helpful.  You may want to print this form out and bring it with you to the arrangement conference.

Q. What about planning a funeral in advance?  Do I have to pre pay?

No. Prepayment is not required.  There is no cost at all to come in and put your wishes down on file. If you choose to prepay, we are members of the New Jersey Pre Paid Funeral Trust Fund.

Q. Is that safe?

In New Jersey we are required to trust100% of the funds given to us for prepayment of funeral expenses.  The money is placed in the New Jersey Pre paid Funeral Trust Fund, an interest bearing account administered by the New Jersey State Funeral Directors Association.  Your trust fund is FDIC insured up to maximum limits.

Unless your trust fund has been established for Medicaid purposes, your trust fund is refundable upon demand, with all accrued interest, no penalties and no questions asked.  Prepayment in full is not required.  The minimum initial deposit is $ 500.00, but after that, payments can
be made for any amount you choose on your schedule. Your arrangements are severable or transferable at your discretion.  If your trust is established for medicaid purposes, the money may not be refunded by law, but your arrangements can be modified by you, at any time.

Q. What if cremation is preferred?

We are a full service funeral home, prepared to assist you in whatever type of arrangements you prefer.  You may choose to have a viewing and services prior to the cremation, or services after the cremation.

Q. Do I have to purchase a casket for cremation?

No, you do not. We do offer a rental casket for services prior to cremation.  If you do not wish to use a rental casket, there are cremation caskets on display at the funeral home.

Q. What are veterans entitled to?

All deceased veterans, who were discharged under conditions other than dishonorable are entitled to burial in a State Veteran’s Cemetery.  For burial in a National Cemetery, certain criteria must be met such as rank and years of service.  The New Jersey Veterans Cemetery is Located in North Hanover, NJ.  The Brigadier General William C. Doyle Veterans Memorial Cemetery offers burial space for NJ resident Veterans, their spouse and dependent children.  In addition to the grave space, they provide a bronze grave marker for both veteran and spouse as well as the concrete grave liners for both burials. PLease visit the cemetery’s website at for more information. If a  private cemetery is chosen, the Veteran is still entitled to the grave marker as well as burial honors to be provided at the time of the burial in the chosen cemetery.  Representatives of the specific branch of service will be at the cemetery to play Taps and fold and present the flag to the family.  If the deceased veteran had achieved a certain rank, the firing of volley shots will also be included.

Q. What if the deceased was receiving Medicaid?

Medicaid is a financial assistance program thru the county of residence.  (This is not to be confused with Medicare which is for medical expenses.)  If the deceased was currently receiving Medicaid, there may be some assistance toward funeral expenses.   The family may also contribute up to a certain amount, in addition to the medicaid assistance.  Please have the deceased medicaid number available as soon as possible so we may verify any assistance available prior to discussing funeral arrangements.

Q. What If I do not want a certain person to attend the funeral?

A funeral home is considered a place of public accommodation and we can not bar access to anyone who wishes to enter for services.
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